Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When to start solids?

Baby A turned five months old Sunday. He is still exclusivly breastfed. Expect for the doses of Tylenol after the vacinations (one was oral) and the gentian violet, he has never had anything other than milk in his mouth.

Well, there was that one time when he was two months old, and his Aunt thought that he wanted watermelon. She put watermelon juice on her finger and stuck it in his mouth. Twice.

I was not happy.

This is the aunt that has a child. The aunt that flipped out when her baby (who was already eating solids) was given an oreo cookie. Now, I understand, watermelon is the lesser of two evils. But baby A is not eating solids of any kind.

Then there is my mother.

My sisters and I were started on rice cereal around 3 months old. So she is less than pleased that baby A hasn't started solids yet. She keeps pushing it. She was pretty sure we would come home from his four month checkup and announce that his pediatrician recommended us starting him on solids. But no such luck.

So that brings us to this weekend. My mom gave baby A frosting. I'm not sure how much. But it really got to me. To the point that I teared up a bit.

Did I overreact? Maybe.

I know she means well. I know that she is excited because this is her first Grandbaby. And she does so much for us. She watches him whenever we need her to. She spoils him like crazy. She loves him silly. I know she does everything out of love.

So, where do you draw the line? What battles do you fight and what do you let slide?

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