Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween with a baby carrier

This year is my little man's first halloween. I have a thing for themes, so I wanted hubs, baby and I to match. Baby is going to be a monkey. I thought about us going as zoo keepers. But then I thought, WAIT! I have a Moby wrap! I decided to be a tree. If only I could convince my husband to be a banana.

So I started browsing the internet, and I found tons of cute ideas for costumes and wraps! Here are my favorites!

-pretty peacock
-Dad as football player, baby as football, mom as cheerleader.
-Bee on a giant flower
-Spider on a web
-Farmer with a baby chick hatching

Here is a list of other costumes that are simple to make. Super great for the last minute mom. :)

I'll see how it goes tomorrow on my hunt to find things to make my tree costume. I'll have to figure out what to do with my husband. There are so super cute ideas out there?

Are you using your baby carrier as part of your costume? Or a theme for your family? I want to know!

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