Sunday, September 12, 2010

First time Thrush Part 2

The verdict:

Gentian Violet is worth the wild goose chase. One "dose" did the trick!

I diluted the Gentian Violet by mixing one teaspoon GV and one teaspoon water. (The internet said that 2% is too strong and can leave ulcers in baby's mouth). I used a Q-tip and "painted" the inside of A's mouth and tongue. Poor guy has never had anything other than breastmilk (and one dose of Tylenol at his last round of shots) and this weekend he has had Tylenol, a oral vaccination, and now Gentian Violet. He was not too pleased with the taste of it. He gave me the most pathetic look I have ever seen!!!!

Anyways, right after I painted his mouth I fed him. The intention was to pass on some of the GV to me. But when I took him off, I didn't see any one me. But I wasn't having any symptoms myself, so I didn't bother to go get another Q-tip and paint myself.

It wasn't as messy as what I thought it was going to be. I had no staining of A's clothes. But he is a spitter, so I am working on getting a few purple stains out of some burp cloths. :)

After about 24 hours, he didn't look like he ate a grape Popsicle anymore and the white had vanished along with the purple!

I did run all of the binkies and toys that he chews on through the dishwasher twice.

Looks like we made it through!

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