Friday, November 12, 2010

Momma Bears

Mom's are strong, yet sensitive creatures.

It's the reason I got so many tips and advice from complete strangers when I was pregnant. It's the reason I continue to get tips and advice from complete strangers now that my baby is...well....a baby!

As moms, we want to believe that what we are doing is the best for our babies. We don't like to be questioned. When someone asks our opinion, we are going to give it, and we are not going to like any other opinions that differs from ours.

Take the recent uproar from the cloth diaper community when they felt attacked by the Early show. It was a little crazy how many comments this poor woman got personally attacking her.

I recently posted a link to a post that you may recognize advising guys on what do when a woman breastfeeds in front of them. The personal attacks on my facebook were totally uncalled for!

I will never judge another mother on how to raise their child. (As long as there is no abuse going on, then I will have to step in.)

There is a time and a place for formula, disposable diapers, and strollers. But like all other moms, I think I have found some great ideas, products, resources, etc. I won't look down on anyone for not seeing the same way I do.

Mom's put their whole heart and soul into raising their children. We need to stand besides each other, building each other up!

Whatever you decide, you are doing the best for your child!! Keep up the good work momma!!

Today's challenge, find one mom today to tell that you think is doing a great job! Send her an e-mail, a short letter, or better yet, a phone call. Let's spread some positive around!


  1. You handled the situation so eloquently, and even this blog. Im still really razzled by those posts. Irresponsible??????? MY GOSH!!! Talk about Mama Bear, here I come!!! lol I refrained, for respect of your page, but man..... let that be my page one day. Im looking for the fight. Hahahahahah

    By the way, I think you are doing a FABULOUS job, and I am so completely impressed by everything I have seen. Seriously. I like that you follow YOUR instincts and YOUR baby, not the cultural standards so many other people end up following.

  2. Thanks for the advice...i'm going to send my daughter in law a note tonight...and tell her what a great mom she is to our two wonderful little grandchildren. Your insight is both refreshing and amazing.